Sandra (Editor: Marquis Magazine) :
"He is spearheading the new generation of fetish photographers."

Steve Diet Goedde (Photographer) :
“Philip’s work harnesses the three components of great photography: understanding lighting, knowing composition, and bringing out the beauty of his subjects. I love being able to look through his eyes. He’s one of my favorite photographers out there, period.”

Michael Hussar (Painter) :
“Although he uses a camera. Make no mistake about it Philip is a Painter. He paints with Light… His palette is a prism as rich and painterly as any Goya or Velasquez or Vermeer. Through the vessel that is the Female Landscape, he effortlessly establishes a direct and powerful visual dialogue with the viewer that is both voyeuristic and present.”

Chad Michael Ward (Photographer)”:
“There’s no mistaking an Lithium Picnic image when you see it. Iconographic in form and perfectly understated in color, Lithium Picnic has carved a very defined niche in modern photography. With equal parts fashion and fetish and a keen eye for composition, Picnic’s work is as powerful and precise as the coming storm. You’ve been warned.”

Steve Prue (Photographer) :
Picnic’s concept and execution of his images makes my head spin. Truly a unique vision in today’s fashion/glamour imaging.

Apnea (Internet Icon) :
"I am fortunate to have had Picnic shoot so many of my sets, because I truly feel like he brings out the best in me. I feel like he brings out the best in everyone he shoots… I’ve seen him make beautiful girls look like a goddess and I’ve seen him make ugly skanks look decent enough for some people to masturbate to their photos."