jkhoffman asked:

Have you ever thought about writing a photography book? You know, on how to shoot glamour or boudoir or fetish photography? I'm sure it would sell fast and furious, just based on people wanting to get a couple of your shots in their hands!

H, thank you for inquiring… Yes, I’ve been talking to half a dozen different publishers from all over the world over the last 5 years and I’ve changed my mind and approach three times and gone back to scratch hah…  It has evolved from a “just photos” coffee table book to wanting to do a mix of written background and storytelling + some behind the scenes stuff.  I have one publisher on board - we’re still in the brainstorming phase…  I haven’t been happy with the terms of the larger publishers I think this one will be a good fit.  Don’t want to jinx it I’ll be sure to post about it as more details come together.